6.1 Million YouTube Subscribers
870+ Million YouTube Views
12.8+ Million Facebook Fans

We are an animation studio dedicated to the production of animated shorts that are typically published on the web. We are better known as the creators of Vete a la Versh, a web series known by its irreverent, funny and vulgar humor. It is now the world’s most subscribed animated series on YouTube, which now reaches more than 850,000 daily views.

Our first episode, titled “Video Games” was created by Roberto Alatriz, an Animation and Visual Effects student at NMSU (New Mexico State University) under the tutelage of professionals in the field.

“Video Games” was published in February 2009, reaching a bit more than 2,000 views in a day and 10,000 views in a week, which marked the first step towards a very powerful project, because currently “Video Games” now reaches more than 24,000,000 views  by more than 12 million people.

After 59 episodes Vete a la Versh exceeds more than 825 million views, currently positioning itself as the most viewed online animated project in Mexico and Latin America, and with more than 6.1 million subscribers, it is now the world’s most subscribed animated series on YouTube.