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Darkar is in search of his treasure.

With more than 12 million followers worldwide and 600 million views, Vete a la Versh has become the most influential animated project in Mexico and Latin America. Visit Vete a la Versh's website.

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Darkar Company Studios was awarded with YouTube's Gold Play Button after surpassing one million subscribers on the Vete a la Versh channel.

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About Us

Under the influence of video games and for the love of cartoons, Darkar Company was born from the dream of a 13 year-old boy with a desire to tell stories. The main office was established at the bottom of a shared bunk bed, where many characters and stories were depicted in comic strips, computer games and animated shorts.


As time progressed, so did the idea of ​​sharing all these adventures to the eyes of many. The classroom was a very limited audience and, in many cases, offered very little criticism.


With the power of the internet, those imaginary beings and incredible situations found a place in the homes of millions of people who enjoy them today.


Now, after several years of pursuing the goal of professionalizing the representation of these ideas, Darkar Company Studios, LLC. formalized as a studio dedicated to the production of audiovisual material, which has reached more than 600 million views.

Our Mission

At Darkar Company Studios we firmly believe in the value of a good laugh. Therefore, our mission is to bring together high-class creative talent to produce an accurate portrayal of cultural expression through unique characters and an amusing narrative directed towards an open-minded audience. It brings us pleasure and excitement to listen to our audience and thus be able to constantly satisfy their desires, and above all maintain that unique sense of humor that conveys happiness at any time.


Moreover, we feel the same commitment towards our artists. We strive to preserve an atmosphere in which our talented individuals can work together as a team. Compromise and enthusiasm are crucial for the high quality of our programming. We firmly believe in treating our artists with the same consideration and respect that we, as a company, show to our customers.



The Team

We are a group of artists, designers, illustrators, creative minds, dreamers and crazy people that unite their super powers to create animated shorts for you to watch.



Roberto "Darkar" Alatriz

Creative Director and Founder

Paco Santoyo

Storyboard Artist

Yoss Moto

Compositing / Graphic Design

Emmanuel Romero

Public Relations / Writer

Gloria Félix

Background Artist

Gerardo Venegas

Clean-up Artist

Ingrid Jiménez


Vianey Montaño

Coloring | Social Media

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